My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult (thefowle) wrote,
My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult


"yes, we're fucked"

bruce sterling hit a resonant chord with me, something i've been (as my nature) curmudgeonly harping upon at length. as a kid, i had posters of space shuttles and hard sweats over the SR-71 posters in my friends rooms. now, i dread the shuttle launches, fear them, the launch of antiquated tech i have no faith in. that feeling, that the great unimaginable future is continually breaking upon us, is dead. the future is not a breakthrough from beyond, no longer is it something tangibly exciting, its our long fast moving past catching up with us: its bleak, boring, and in no way progressive.

"atemporality: its like steam punk, but with metaphysics"

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