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thefowle's Journal

My Life as the Thrill Kill Kult
25 May 1983
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ego, sanity, humility. all these are things which can only be tested by fire. my hypothesis awaits the flame of the real world.

Sin Boldly

ninjacore industrialist, thrillseeking adventurer, & optimistic nihilist. keyboard cowboy and last of the great freelance inventors. superhuman in training.

strenghts: cutting through fate with serated knife, atlas's endurance, blackest arts of philosophy, computers, & adrenaline.
weaknesses: Sound Garden's Like Suicide, flips, pizza, convenience in returns, ebay, sometimes blondes
favorite weapons: camera, shinai, 240DL wagon, 24v impact drill
best corruption: prosyletization of the liberating philosophies
most likely death: accumulated pack rat suffocation, nirvana
worst torture: living in 90% humidity swamp next to the embodiment of public stupidity under starless radio skies... oh wait.
adrenaline, alien intelligence, arthurian legend, artificial intelligence, atheism, beat poetry, being happy, besting science, beyond limits, beyond reason, biking, brazen, calvin and hobbes, camping, carving, childlike wonderment, classic rock, climbing, coffeehouses, cognitive process, concerts, cons, creative genius, creative spirit, cyberpunk, cynicism, darkness, death, debate, devolution of civilization, dreams, drugs, dusk, ego, elitism, emotions, escaping 9 to 5, existentialism, fatalism, fearlessness, fire, fixing the world, flying, free fall, freedom, frisbee, futuresight, girls, hi fidelity, high adventure, hiking, hippies, hope, i-like-bad-examples, i-like-lots-of-bands-and-watching-movies-and-..., individual rights, industrial, ingenuity, inner peace, innovation, intelligence, invention, jimi hendrix, less ordinary, life, lying, meritocracy, meteor showers, mind over matter, mud, nano, natural beauty, nature, nietzsche, night, nihilism, nirvana, no fear, noir, not sleeping, oral techniques, paradoxes, perseverance, personal liberty, philosophy, photography, poetry, public speaking, pyramid of needs, radio skies, rain, realism, reckless endangerment, redefining value, reinventing the wheel, relentlessness, resilience, revelations, revolution, road trips, rollerblading, romanticism, rruc, sarcasm, self conquest, self control, self definition, sexiness, sexual identity, sexual liberation, shooting stars, sinning boldly, skiing, sky, snow, snow crash, snow skiing, sociology, solitude, sound system, star island, stargazing, stars, stratification, style, sunsets & sunrises, swimming, systems theory, the longnow, the opposite sex, transhumanism, transmetropolitan, true friends, ubermensch, umd, under concrete skies, unexistance, unique, unitarian universalists, university of maryland, urban decay, utilitarianism, uu, vibrancy, vision, watching, white water, will to power, winter